BE-ing a Strategic Philanthropist

by: Thomas Richter

We believe God has instructed us all to BE strategic philanthropists (Luke 6:38 and 2 Corinthians 9: 6-15). What does it mean to BE one?

Many might say philanthropy is reserved for the famous, saturated with earthly riches. But more importantly, what does it look like from God’s perspective? We read Jesus prayed “… on earth as it is in heaven.” What then is “strategic” about philanthropy? Is it really available to those unknown by the world? Yes it is.

A strategic philanthropist is one who purposely directs efforts (theirs or others) to provide, or create, a greater impact in advancing someone’s kingdom values, principles and objectives. A kingdom philanthropist sees exponential returns. Whose kingdom do you support?

BE-ing one is not about being wealthy.  It’s about searching your heart and seeing what you have in “your hand” of time, talent, treasure, temple, and touch (relationships) that you willing share with others in their service.

Begin by seeing with the eyes of your heart, “all” you have to steward; time, talent, temple, touch (relationships) as well as treasure. For those whose heart breaks for the hungry, KCTFO acting as a  kingdom philanthropist, invites you to support the economically underserved rice farmers in South East Asia, who in turn support the transitional needs in addition to the highlighted recent explosion of global immigration.   Please take a moment to answer to the following three questions … Who, What, and Why:

1. Who do you know that requires large volumes of rice? (e.g. large volume feeding ministries, procurement directors, NGO’s  etc.)

2. What is the annual budget and/or how many mouths do they feed annually?

3. Why make an introduction on behalf of Elijah’s List?

Example: One food ministry serves 229,000,000 meals annually in fifty countries with a current per meal cost of twenty-two cents. A two cent saving per meal would increase total meals served by >50,000,000 given one pound of raw rice yields eleven cooked cups which serves twelve people. Where else can you give so little to accomplish so much?

To the degree you are able to add value (new relationship) to an existing social benefit organization; we would like to honor you  with a reward, a tithe of thanksgiving to you and/or your assigned beneficial organization of choice. You just may be the next person who gave their loaves and fish that feed the multitudes with plenty left over (Luke 9:16). Who do you know? What do they require? Why not serve? Make the introduction today!  

Please contact to complete your introduction, and congratulations, you are BE-ing a strategic philanthropist.

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