You Are Invited To Partake in a Wise Social Humanitarian Stewardship Mission

The world’s economic situation is rapidly changing today. The realities of these changes may affect you, your family, the business you own or work, in addition to your assets. Globally, governments and banks (including the United States) are making changes to protect themselves. Recall the 2008 recession, U.S. banks were “bailed-out” via a government approved program of printing money that the individual citizens and small businesses of the U.S. paid for – and are still paying!

As previously demonstrated in Cyprus, and recently in countries of Greece and Poland and now beginning in Italy and Japan, the new vehicle to save governments and banks is called a “bail-in”. This “solution” allows your bank deposits and corporate retirement accounts to be confiscated by the banks – all legal via recently enacted legislation which received little notice or press attention.

Difficult times and enormous needs require real moral character and leadership. Goodness & Mercy Unlimited (G&MU) has a “bail-in” solution to share.


As a multiplier effect to protecting your assets via a deposit into a non-depletion account, G&MU has the opportunity and ability to leverage the funds using its “Seven- Pillar Faith- Based Blue- Ocean Strategy,” providing a pathway for necessary social and humanitarian development.

If this message resonates with you, please contact the First Director of Goodness & Mercy Unlimited, Bishop Clarence Harris, with the following information indicating your interest for involvement in this kingdom assignment.

  • Full Name
  • Beneficial Organization(s) representing at least one, charity, foundation, etc.
  • Web Site (if applicable)
  • Physical Address (mailing address if different)
  • City, State, Postal Code
  • Funds Availability
  • How you heard about us
  • Telephone number
  • Skype Handle
  • LinkedIn Profile (or bio/cv equal)
  • Best days/times to reach you

Upon receipt of the official invitation you will also receive a G&MU NCNDA for further review and consideration. God speed!

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