The War on Cash … and the Slow Death of Your Civil Liberties

If you read our last newsletter, you know that the purpose behind why we publish is not about gloom and doom surrounding the risks associated with holding, dealing, and/or settling with virtual or digital currency, bank holidays, bail-outs or bail-ins, or the government seizing your savings in exchange for their worthless bonds … we’ve seen it all before with one fear-based tactic or another.  Instead, we offer hope … to share some good news with you … to let you know what we’ve been doing about it and what you can do in advance to prepare for when the money fails, as every fiat currency in world history has done before.

For those who prefer deadlines … no one knows the day or time.  Instead, we prefer to offer lifelines, as we believe that the real key to protecting your wealth is know your options, make informed decisions, and take decisive action … before an event happens.  This is the Art of War in more ways than one for those who have the eyes to see.  That’s where we come in …

If you’re up to speed with what time it is in the world, what’s going on in the world and who’s behind it, then you realize that there is an ongoing war on cash and on our civil liberties with it.  There has been for some time … and most are selling out on the notion of ease and convenience without giving it much thought.

Don’t get me wrong … I’m not alone in the preference for electronic means of commerce and procurement over physically traveling to a store, sitting in traffic, dealing with crowds, and actually handling cash, assuming I can find what I’m looking for with my first stop, but the slow migration away from physical cash is going to spell BIG TROUBLE for consumers worldwide if something isn’t done to stop it altogether.

Case in point: while it might be rare for me to actually have physical bills on hand, my silver dollar coin isn’t extinct yet, and it often makes for interesting conversation wherever I go.  Inasmuch as many folks are enamored by tech gadgetry, I’ll venture to say that just as many are fascinated with a real silver dollar, so much so that most millennials I encounter have never seen or held one in their hands.

The statistical fact is that, in 2015, the San Francisco branch of the Federal Reserve reported that only 32% of consumer transactions were made with cash as compared to 40% in 2012.  And a recent Gallup poll showed that only 24% of Americans said that they used cash in all or most of their purchases.  Do you see the trend?

What you may not know is that approximately 4% of the total U.S. Money Supply in existence is in actual physical currency and that, at any given time, between one-half and two-thirds of the physical money supply of U.S. dollars is held overseas, as you might expect with a global reserve currency … the rest is virtual … digital 0s and 1s, as most of us have found it much more convenient to use our credit/debit cards or the digital wallet on our smartphone to make everyday purchases.

But, whether we like it or not, with every swipe of a card, inserting a chip, or a wave of our phone, we’re giving away valuable bits of information about ourselves … mostly our privacy and freedom.  So while on the one hand the benefits of ease and convenience are compelling, on the other hand cash has also been demonized over the last several decades because regulators in one form or another find it extremely difficult to track.  Obviously it must be only criminals who want to keep their activities off the radar of government, hackers, and marketers … NOT!  Ironically, banks are still the preferred method through which to launder money.  Sounds like the fox watching the hen house storyline to me.

Nevertheless, as we mentioned in our last newsletter, anyone withdrawing and/or accepting cash as a payment for anything over $10,000 must file a form with the IRS identifying who made the exchange.  No longer can you walk into a car dealer and put cash down with such an amount, or to purchase a home without an FBI investigation (true story).  At least in Switzerland, it’s still shy of $100,000 without the need of reporting to any government agency.

Go here today to learn how thousands are coming together with silver from around the world to unite.  Vote today to support the Global “Yes to Cash” initiative … that cannot be confiscated by any government … and learn how to become eligible for many exclusive rewards in so doing, and so much more that no other licensed authority can offer … anywhere.

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