Celebrating October 31, 2017

If you ask Why celebrate this day, we would answer that it definitely is NOT about “Halloween.” No, we’ll go the other direction and celebrate the One Above, not the evil below, and remind you that on this day, 500 years ago, Martin Luther started the “Protestant Reformation” with his posting of his “95 Theses” on the castle door in Wittenburg, Germany. And while we may argue that Luther did not go nearly far enough in his reforms, we who are the ecclesia are always looking to find and to become better leaders amongst God’s people. To that end, we now seek some leaders for a very specific task. One who would qualify must:

  1. … have impeccable INTEGRITY with a wholesome FEAR (respect, honor) and REVERANCE for Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. One must be IN Christ AND know who he* IS in Christ. God must rule as King in all areas of his* life as THE Authority. This is the first and foremost criteria.
  2. … be a servant leader and know his unique gifting by God for (a) specific purpose(s).
  3. … have at least one area of leadership strength and, while maybe not yet seeing and understanding all of the other counterfeits that have oppressed him, will at least understand how that oppression operates and will be open to seeing the other areas in which he’s been deceived.
  4. … be apt to teach (I Tim. 3:2; II Tim. 2:24), from his Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding, operating from the authority of God rather than from a counterfeit authority position (man-made licenses, titles, degrees, credentials, positions, etc.).
  5. if schooled and/or credentialed in counterfeit authority (law, religion, medicine, education, etc.), one must have had a “conversion experience” and have left the counterfeit standard behind (Pr. 28:13).
  6. … be kingdom-minded and understanding that the Ecclesia established by our Lord Jesus Christ transcends the boundaries of any sect, denomination, ordination, organization, occupation, gender, race, ethnicity or geographical situs.
  7. … understand that an Ecclesia leader is an ambassador of Jesus Christ; therefore, he must strive always towards the building of the Lord’s kingdom and not his own.
  8. … have character references (a “good report” ~ Acts 10:22; 22:12; Heb. 11:2,39) from both within and without the household of faith, exhibiting the character traits illustrated as for bishops and deacons as expressed in I Timothy 3:1-12 and Titus 1:4-9.
  9. … possess effective knowledge of Ecclesia networks and friendly contacts necessary to align with established financial/project management vehicles for the rapid advancement of the Kingdom.
  10. … have a proven track record of not being corrupted by finances, power (“authority”), and/or narcissistic lusts, nor of being engaged in determined criminal activity.
  11. … be willing to covenant to maintain integrity and confidentiality to insure personal security for effective deployment of internal financial mechanisms.
  12. … be able to demonstrate a proven track record of accountability without compromising truth and holiness or succumbing to the fear of men.
  13. … be a team player, teachable, and possess the cognitive ability to comprehend formatted business plans (and other various components).
  14. …model modest living, meekness (strength under control), and humility (a servant leader).
  15. … possess a basic understanding of global geopolitical, religious and economic issues with a general awareness of extant mechanisms seeking to establish a New World Order as defined by antichrist belief systems.
  16. … be able to identify other men* of integrity, both domestically and internationally, to be used for the same purpose.


If you are, or know of, such a person, please let your interest be known by responding back to this email.


*In keeping with the rules and standards of correct English grammar, usage herein of the masculine singular personal pronoun is inclusive of the feminine.

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