#2 – Servant Leadership thru Gifts

Reformation Celebration

The Series

#2 – Servant Leadership thru Gifts

The second qualifier for the man (remember: includes woman) of God who would serve with us as the ecclesia rediscovers its legs is that he will be a servant leader and know his unique gifting by God for (a) specific purpose(s).

God is foundational. We covered that here yesterday. He is our bedrock, our King, our True North. We know who we are, first, in relationship to Him. We have no identity that matters apart from Him. But once we know Who God is and where He is relative to where we are right now, we become consciously aware of where we are in relationship to Him. We see things about Him that are reflected in us: God has a voice; we have a voice. God has a will; we have a will. And when we start to discover who we are in relationship to other people, we find out that there are no two of us who are alike. And that’s a good thing.

God made every man unique. Since Adam and Eve, God has given each of us certain combinations of gifts, talents and abilities which we can use to create things that glorify Him. He made us in His image to also be creative; He put within us each a free will, with which we could choose to honor Him; He gave us the ability to feel pleasure, so that we could be drawn to do the things that He created us each uniquely to do; and He placed us in the surroundings in which He did so that we could learn and develop and manifest those gifts.

Paul told us, in Ephesians chapter 4, that when Jesus ascended to heaven after His death, burial and resurrection, He “gave gifts unto men.” Those gifts included functions that were to build up the ecclesia as the body of Christ. But most importantly, those gifts were to be carried out by true servants – those who lead by giving and serving rather than by taking and commanding. Paul wrote the Corinthian believers, “For who sees anything different in you? What do you have that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it?” (I Cor. 4:7, ESV) The gifts did not make anyone better than anyone else, so they were not to make anyone proud or abusive; rather, our gifts are given to us so that we may better serve others.

So we are looking for men and women who lead by serving others with the unique gifts that they have been given by God and that they have worked at developing for His service.

Are you that sort of servant leader?

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