#5 – A Damascus Road Conversion

Reformation Celebration

The Series

#5 – A Damascus Road Conversion (of sorts)

The fifth qualifier for the man of God whom we seek is that, if he IS schooled and/or credentialed in counterfeit authority (law, religion, medicine, education, etc.), he must have had a “conversion experience” and have left the counterfeit standard behind (Pr. 28:13).

Like the previous one, this qualification goes on to require a separation from any counterfeit authority base, if not in actual practice and belonging (though it must ultimately come to that), at least in terms of recognition of God’s higher authority and the subordination of the human authority to God’s.

In America we see this idea manifested in organizations like Oath Keepers, in which men in uniform have pledged to uphold the higher principles of the Constitution over illegitimate unconstitutional orders, whether from politicians or ranking officers, that would cause them to violate conscience and higher law.

It’s not saying that one absolutely cannot belong to or associate with these types of “professional organizations,” but it does require a clear recognition of the superiority of that which comes from God (Who, by the way, requires no human institution to represent, carry out or translate His authority).

On the road to Damascus, the very righteous and legal Saul of Tarsus, a ruler in law amongst men, came face to face with the Giver of Law … and chose the Higher Law. He did not turn his back on all other law, as evidenced by the fact that he was later to cite his Roman citizenship for the legal benefit it afforded him at the moment, but it was forever thereafter relegated to second place in his life – behind the Law of God. In similar fashion, we seek those who have had their own Damascus Road conversion experiences, turning from the temporal to the eternal. It doesn’t mean that he has quit living on the earth and breathing earthly air, but that he has tasted of the heavenly and has forever thereafter made the heavenly standard his life choice.

Do you know the difference? Do you know that God has a way in money and law and health and education that is very different from the ways of the world? Or do you believe that just being a good servant of Caesar as for the glory of God is good enough?

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