#10 – Green Light Clean

Reformation Celebration

The Series

#10 – Green Light Clean


The tenth characteristic of the man of God whom we seek is that he will have a proven track record of not being corrupted by finances, power (“authority”), and/or narcissistic lusts, nor of being engaged in determined criminal activity.

This is more than having a good reputation (#8 above); it means that he could actually undergo a financial audit and a criminal background check and get a total green light as being beyond reproach.

Now, one of the things that sets the ecclesia apart as powerful is the fact that we are under God’s law, rather than man’s, so, indeed, some of the areas that men would tend to investigate might be according to man’s frequently-artificial standards of law and money. These artificial standards might even paint some activity that was intended for God’s glory as “criminal.” (For example, if a church elects to organize as a 501(c)(3) non-profit – an unnecessary and unwise election – it is, from that point forward, no longer an independent ecclesiastical body but, rather, a man-made entity subordinate to the state and, as such, may be liable to other man-made laws that could criminalize some of its activities … such as speaking out against things that God clearly identifies as wrong.) And, while we would like to see all of the ecclesia break free from bondage to those sorts of systems, that is not what we are talking about here.

Financial audits and criminal background checks can also turn up things that are indicative of an unrepentant heart. Financial corruption, narcissism, immoral behavior – things that mark a man as serving his own belly, regardless of the backlash on others – all are forgivable by God upon repentance, but before that repentance actually takes place and the life is demonstrably turned around for His glory, they would disqualify one from being the sort of leader whom we seek.

So if a comprehensive background check were done on you, would you pass? Remember, too ~ “The LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.” (I Samuel 16:7)

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