#11 – Covenantal Integrity

Reformation Celebration

The Series

#11 – Covenantal Integrity


The eleventh characteristic of the man of God whom we seek is that he will be willing to covenant to maintain integrity and confidentiality to insure personal security for effective deployment of internal financial mechanisms.

The emphasis here is on covenant.

We live in a contract world. Private contracts supersede even the U.S. Constitution … which is itself a contract. And, while God expects us to honor our agreements, He has never dealt with men via contracts. No, He deals with us via covenants, which are far more enduring and real than contracts that can be torn apart and broken by men and by lawyers.

What is the difference? A contract is a provisional commitment and agreement (a temporary bond) made between two or more parties that is written and enforceable by law. A covenant is an irrevocable commitment (a permanent bond) made between two or more parties, including God, intended to be a lifelong fruitful relationship, “a coming together” and “sticking together.”  At the heart of covenant relationship is the unconditional love of God, which is the very foundation and heart of the covenant relationship. The difference between covenant and contract is “What can I give?” vs. “What do I get?” It is “I’ll give you 100%” vs. “I’ll meet you halfway.” It is “I want to” vs. “I have to.” It is lawful vs. legal. It could be argued that the latter is of lawyers, the other of God.

A covenantal relationship is one that is built on love and mutual respect. It is other-focused (giving) rather than self-focused (receiving).

Americans used to understand covenants, as the first government in the New World was one of covenant. (Read the Mayflower Compact.) And part of this journey for us all will be a re-discovery of covenantal relationships.

So, when it comes to integrity, confidentiality and security of finances, are you willing to enter a relationship based on covenant rather than contract?


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