#15 – NWO Awareness

Reformation Celebration

The Series

#15 – NWO Awareness

The fifteenth characteristic of the man of God whom we seek is that he will possess a basic understanding of global geopolitical, religious and economic issues with a general awareness of extant mechanisms seeking to establish a New World Order as defined by antichrist belief systems.

Some would argue that we are living in the “end times.” Whatever that may mean, exactly, one thing is for sure: God’s people will never have an end time. We will live and rule, at some level, in His Kingdom forever. We may face a physical death between now and then – all but two that we know of have so far – but we need not live in fear of any force or enemy or date on a calendar as being the end of life as we know it.

That said, there are things going on in the world that have progressed for thousands of years to bring us to the point where we are today, with God’s kingdom on earth facing opposition like never before. That is what the antichrist system is – what opposes the triumph of God’s kingdom in His creation. Like for any other obstruction in our path, a leader must obviously be aware of and be able to navigate those obstructions.

Much is going on right now economically. Different currencies are competing to be the reserve currency of the world. While the U.S. dollar has held that distinction for generations, its continuation as such is anything but certain. Wars and incursions in the name of religion are escalating around the world. And while the more important consideration, the one that will ultimately prevail, is spiritual, the man we seek will be wise and wary about current, past and developing world conditions. This is bigger, obviously, than keeping up with “the news.” It involves an awareness that must be as much spiritual as anything else.

Are you so aware? Most importantly, are you confident in your knowledge of Who wins in the end?

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