Now More than Ever …

Now more than ever … we should be living in intentional community.

Remember when your mom could walk next door and borrow a cup of sugar? Remember when your dad could borrow another neighbor’s ladder to cut down a tree limb … or when the boy down the street would pop by to mow the lawn … or when a girl from the block over would be happy to come by and babysit … or when people who lived close by would share groceries or garden veggies? Remember when you could talk to everyone in the neighborhood, even though on Sundays you went to different churches? What has happened with the camaraderie of the Body of Christ?

Much of the answer to that question goes back to the church and its history:

1700 years ago, Constantine set in motion the mechanism that would become what is known as the Christian church, slyly extending the reign of the Roman empire even up to this day. 300 years prior to that, however, Jesus built upon Himself the Ecclesia. The church system is failing, as all man-made efforts must eventually; the Ecclesia, however, to the extent that it is not identified as and tied to the church, is thriving and poised for its most significant opportunities for advancement since its diversionary “sheltering” under the “protection” of Rome.

What exactly is the “Ecclesia”? For the uninitiated, every time the word “church” appears in the Bible, the original Greek word there was “ecclesia,” but “church” is not a translation of ecclesia; it is, rather, a crafty substitution that was made in subsequent years (the history of which makes for very interesting study). The Ecclesia may also be known as the “Body of Christ” or God’s Kingdom on Earth: it is all of those believers who are blood-bought, born-again, children of God, disciples of His Son Jesus – those who are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and who, according to Him, will live with God forever. (Sometimes it is called the “first century church,” though the term “church” was never used for it until Constantine 300 years later.) It is the collective individual component of what one might envision when thinking about all of the believers who compose the WHOLE “church” (as we have commonly been taught to substitute for ecclesia) – that which includes the entire world population of believers, not as defined by location or denomination or leadership, etc. – and MORE! (One can join a church without truly being part of the Ecclesia, while another can, through a personal relationship with God though His Son Jesus, be part of the Ecclesia and never set foot in a church.) One may be of the Ecclesia and a member of a church as well; in fact, much of the Ecclesia is very active in church as, yes, Ecclesia is often in church (though church is not in Ecclesia), and many either seemingly have no alternative or do not know to make any distinction between the two.

The supposition that “church” means the same as ecclesia produces severe limitations upon the Body of Christ – limitations such as elevating one day above the other six (so that God will, thus, be limited to influencing us 86% less), making a building into the “house of God” instead of our own individual bodies as scripture actually teaches, putting a select group of leaders – “clergy” – between us (“laity”) and God, and separating the “religious” (that which is “church-related”) from the “secular” (everything else). The kicker is that we find NONE of these things in scripture, though scripture is supposedly the basis for all that the church believes and stands upon. Conveniently, the church also misconstrues scripture to teach that God commands us to simply submit to whatever “authority” we happen to find “over us,” regardless of how that “authority” got there or its legitimacy in the face of the totality of scripture! The fact is that God has assigned rulership to His Ecclesia in ALL areas of life – law & government, money & banking, family & education, health & nutrition, business, communications, etc. – AND He has given us the rules and principles needed for us to excel and overcome all adversity in all of these areas! (And He has given each of us, individually, areas of rulership, though many go through life never discovering, nor daring to step into, the area into which they are called.)

Today, for example, the man-made financial world is disintegrating as fiat currencies (the “value” of which is determined solely by what the private “government” issuing it decrees and as agreed to by the marketplace) are losing confidence. But God has given us lasting principles of honest exchange and continual value that, if and when followed, are completely immune from changing tides in the marketplace and the shifting sands of man-centric government. AND, what’s more, God placed the administration of His financial system into the hands of His Ecclesia – not “the church,” but the Ecclesia.

What if there was a marketplace where God’s standards of “just weights and measures” and His solid concept of real value governed? What if there was a place where the Ecclesia could meet together to trade amongst each other rather than giving away their value to a failing system that will honor our Creator only by its eventual demise? What if there was a mechanism in place whereby the Ecclesia could support its own, taking care of the truly needy and blessing those who give rather than relying upon a coercive worldly government system that rewards laziness while punishing industriousness?

In Genesis, the Hebrew slave, Joseph, as God’s chosen leader, became second in command in all of the earth as he administered the food resources to allow the people to prosper during a seven-year famine. Do you suppose that God gave us that example for a reason? Could it be that He intends for us to follow that wisdom so as to be the leaders in the world in the coming difficult “famine” days? And who would He intend to be the modern day Josephs if not His Ecclesia? Would you like to be a part of that plan?

There is but one Lawgiver and Source of Law. Beyond that there are multitudinous contracts. We either follow His Law … or we submit to contract or coercion. Which would you choose? Would you like to know the difference so as to be able to begin to choose for yourself as a good steward of what God has entrusted to you?

We, the Ecclesia, are to govern the whole earth, but through love and excellent good works rather than by conquest and coercion. If we each will step up into the gifts that we have been given, not just “full-time Christian service” on the “religion mountain,” we will go a long way towards accomplishing God’s purpose for us here and we will thrive and prosper individually as well as collectively.

With the technology that we have in place today, it is possible to enjoy the intentional community, if often on a virtual basis, internationally. As we were commissioned to go out into and to reach the entire world, and the world is crying out for the solutions that we have, the Ecclesia needs to be such an intentional community … Now More than Ever.


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