G47 Marketplace Honors YOU!

Now that we’ve shown you over the past several months what’s going on with the G47 Marketplace, Global Yes2Cash, and the Grain House Initiative, and now that we’ve explained Why Silver, Why Now, we would like to share with you $1,000 in silver as our way of way of honoring you and saying “Thank you!” for being a part of this great move of God and our jubilee celebration.

Opt-in for one or more of the G47 Initiative Newsletters and RSVP your portion of the Koinonia Rewards … we’ll send the first 100 responders a $10 silver redemption certificate to Give One, Get One, or set up your own IVA account for those of you not already engaged in the G47 Marketplace.
Thank you for your support!
KCT / G47 Admin team

2 thoughts on “G47 Marketplace Honors YOU!

  1. Kahn Holliday

    Thank you for this gift from you guys!
    It’s greatly appreciated!!
    I would like to gift this to Mrs. Gloria Elijah, who I affectionately refer to as my “prayer partner”! She’s a woman in her 70’s that cares for me as a son. I’d love to be a blessing to someone that gives constantly, with no expectation of anything in return! I’ve witnessed from her for many years.
    Thank you again… your generosity is truly appreciated.
    Please let me know what I need to do to transfer this over to her. Blessings to you gentlemen and your families during these holidays.

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    1. dhcollier Post author

      Wow! Love the pay it forward proposition. Praise God!
      Please forward the email notice to your recipient in the same fashion as it was sent to you and you’re good to go. Obviously, you’ll want to personalize it … and please let us know how well your gift was received.
      Many blessings in the new year ahead to you and yours!



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