A Letter of Gratitude From The Oversight Committee of the G47 Marketplace

Dear Community Members of the G47 Marketplace,

As the year opens, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you, G47’s loyal supporters, for your continued commitment to experiencing the difference with our powerful products and solutions.

We’ve learned a lot from your feedback this year, and from the countless surveys and polls G47 has conducted. We’ve learned that you’re leaders in your communities. Your innovation is both groundbreaking and wave-making.  Over the last year, we’ve learned that streamlining our organization’s communication efforts is our #1 priority, and endeavor to become more interactive with the whole an international G47 Global Community, to determine and meet the needs of all participants here…collectively and individually.

We hope that our tools and solutions will improve the way you do business this year. We hope that our around-the-clock support team has impressed you with their knowledge and friendliness. We hope that our organization’s messaging and support streams improved when you partnered with G47 Marketplace. We hope that you’ve taken advantage of our Leadership Tools for Personal and Business Empowerment, iCovest Field Manual and the ISDA IVA Silver Allocations. If not, we hope you’ll get involved in this new year, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Follow us at www.G47Marketplace.com as we release new information every week, and let us know how we’re doing.  Also, please checkout www.GlobalYesToCash.com and get involved in the fight to protect our natural rights and civil liberties, against the forces who seek to encumber you within a coming cashless society.

Thanks for a great year in 2017, as we look forward to making a real global impact in 2018 with your continued support via the G47 Marketplace product RPM System!


Remember to Get One, Give One, CoVest One!


We the People Always Have the Power to Vote with Our Wallets!

People understand that in the absence of positive leadership within our governmental institutions today, that they have not only more personal responsibility, but they have a huge amount of individual power. When, as individuals we’re spending $36 billion a day, the individual decisions that we make can add up to an enormously powerful lever even if government doesn’t step in in a positive way.

Consumers are “voting with their money” now more than ever, which means they are increasingly more willing to CoVest in Small Businesses that share their same values.

The G47 Marketplace, and the International Silver Dollar Association (ISDA) were designed to be the world’s leader in bringing this spirit of CoVesting of our Time, Talent and Treasure (T3) to present a real positive disruption to redefine the broken paradigm of our global economic system, and to provide a more secure and sustainable economy through a significantly more advanced medium when it comes to storing our collective wealth and CoVested energies!


Find out what the ISDA IVA can do for you, your family, and your community today!

Check out how the G47 Rapid Product Movement System (RPMs) works!


We would like to thank you sincerely for CoVesting in RPMs products here at the
G47 Marketplace.com

Soli Deo Gloria & © 2018 G47 Marketplace,
All rights reserved.  All wrongs reversed!
Thank you for responding to the G47 RPMs Call for Support!

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