KCT Koinonia 2018 … new material you need to know and how it affects our relationship

February 2, 2018

Our Global Initiatives

Hello Folks:
We’re back at it after an arduous 2017, and we’re taking ground around the world on many fronts.  Maybe you’ve heard of a few of our global initiatives over the last year … all of this for YOU, and the global “family of faith.”  What will you do with it?
  • G47Marketplace: Under the G47 Global Initiative banner, this intentional collaborative faith-based community marketplace, among other unique features and benefits, whereby all goods and services are exchanged in U.S. minted coins of .999 fine silver (American Silver Eagles)! Private memberships are available to both individuals and small business organizations through a sponsorship approval process.
  •  Global Yes2Cash: Another G47 Initiative, GY2C is a movement established as an alternative solution to an impending totalitarian system of cybercurrency control.  Have you stopped to consider that the entire cryptocraze is a deep state psy-op?  Bottom Line: Who stands to gain the most?  Lose your cash and you lose your civil liberties.  We aim to do something about it.  How about you?  Join us with a vote “yes” to cash!
  • iCoVest: The G47 Initiative alternative to crowdfunding … the activity of our friends and family coming together in unity to CoVest seeds of empowerment to the matters of what truly concerns everyone involved in your local communities.  It is the goal of the G47 community that we might allow the abundance of selfless ambition and kindness to overwhelm each and every one throughout our cities worldwide tomorrow!
Unlike other platforms that take 5 to 25 percent off the top without knowing much of where it goes, or why … watch how a tithe comes back to your community in the process.  Why not keep it in the family?  Have a product or a cause to launch or support … list it and watch your community grow in the process!
  • International Silver Dollar Association: Perhaps you’ve heard of ICOs (initial coin offerings) associated with cryptocurrencies.  Of the more than 1,800 currently to choose from, which do you choose?  Hopefully you didn’t lose your shirt with Bitcoin dropping almost half of its value in the last two months.  Nevertheless, we’ve got an app for that … if you reply directly to this email in order to help you make an informed choice with this new fiat form of currency.
On the other hand, if all that gives you a headache, we have something much simpler to understand.  We, too, have an ICO (albeit, an Intentional Community Opportunity) as the first of its kind solution whereby a conventional ICO “token” is, in fact, tied directly to the American Silver Eagle in the same fashion as silver certificates. (This is an important detail if using self-directed IRA funds … the Entrust Group and the Kingdom Trust Company are our preferred providers for qualified self-directed funds in this regard.)  So while there are several asset-backed ICOs seemingly popping up everywhere, there are none yet that are backed by the American Silver Eagle.  Fortunately, no one is required to be licensed or regulated in order to exchange legal tender for lawful money.

Let that sink in a moment … maybe it’s time to reengage with our family office if you’ve been away for a while, if for no other reason than to learn the one thing you must have to prosper in 2018, to prevent losing that which you’ve worked a lifetime for, and to achieve something you have yet to ever receive.

Fear not!  It’s an exciting time to be alive and changes are upon us! Are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities, or will another year pass you by?

Looking forward to serving you well in the uncharted waters of alternative assets … Onward and upward we go!

Dale-Hewett: Collier
Director of Stewardship FBO Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office
O: (407) 900-6737
M: (941) 312-7722
Skype: dalecollier
Give Online: Tithely or Coinbase or G47 Marketplace

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