KCT Koinonia, G47, GY2C, iCoVest, ISDA, ICOs, your IRA, and the IVA … what it all means to you in 2018


Hi folks!

By the subject line, it looks a lot like most professional/religious people we meet with a handful of alphabet stacked up after their name on a business card.  For the casual observer, it makes no sense.  But make no mistake … it’s all connected.

This coming Monday, March 5th, over a casual lunch-and-learn format, we would like to invite you for an hour or so (depending on the number of questions) to explain exactly how and what it means to you in 2018.  However, due to several intimate details pertaining to the several notices we shared with you over the last year in preparation for such a time as this, and the details of our annual report to our stakeholders, this discussion and supporting content is available only to those in current Koinonia 2018 with us.

Please RSVP here for meeting details available online and telephone.  We will, of course, be recording the conversation (audio only) for those who cannot attend, and we’ll make that available in our cloud library post haste.

Blessings and peace to you and yours,

Dale-Hewett: Collier
Director of Stewardship FBO Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office
O: (407) 900-6737
M: (941) 312-7722
Skype: dalecollier
Give Online: Tithely or Coinbase or G47 Marketplace

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