Kings Counsel & Trust LLC (KCT) is the managing trustee of a single family office, Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office (KCTFO) designed specifically to serve and enhance the relationships of the Kingdom Family of Faith. To optimize the probability of long-term success (sustainability) KCT uses a proprietary iMap alignment solution, a three-fold impact assessment process based on relationship skills, values and beliefs, and life experience to better connect equally-yoked relationships and strategic philanthropy opportunities.

KCTFO also underwrites and hosts a virtual peer to peer, social enterprise community, better known as Kings Counsel. Organized in 2005, and launched in 2006, the connectivity of KCT relationships scans more than 50 countries, hundreds of registered users, and a privileged list of vetted opportunities with disruptive technologies that could potentially impact the lives of billions!

For more information, please check out our website http://www.kingscounselandtrust.com

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